Saturday, July 19, 2014

What's on My Walls

I have not been very faithful about the #july2014challenge, but I find myself with a moment or two and will share what is on the walls of my classroom.

My room is interesting, to say the least, and to just tell you what is, or is not, on the walls is too hard, so I am just going to share the room with you!

It is a portable classroom.  Small: fits 20 desks in a pinch, but this year I had 23 PreCal seniors, so we had to import a table and get rid of one of my storage units.  The portable is only one classroom wide, so it has windows on both sides of the room, leaving us with VERY little wall space.  It also came with no built in bookshelves or closets, so all that had to be imported as well.

The back wall has the 8 Standards of Mathematical Practices, and a few other things. The side wall between the windows has a few pithy quotes and whatever poster I need to put up to remind a certain class how to do a certain thing!

Then we move on to the rest of the back wall.  As you can see I use the door to the next room as a bulletin board!  Past the cabinet is my desk area: A mess, so I will not share it with you!  These pix were taken to hang up on the board for the janitors so they know how to put my room back together. Normally desks are in pairs or fours:  Gives the illusion of more space!

The front of the room is taken up by the white board, and the SmartBoard (yes, it still has holiday decorations around it.  The girls who decorated wouldn't let me take it down!).  There are no more desks to the left, because the students in the front left wouldn't be able to see the white board.  The SmartBoard is on a "bump out" in the room (the mechanicals are behind it, I am told:  airconditioning and heating units) and had to be hung on plywood which is hinged so I can swing it out. Otherwise the kids on the front right wouldn't be able to see it.

Way over on the right is a metal "bulletin" board that the Metal Fab shop made for me. I LOVE this and think every room should have one! I needed a place to hang things with magnets and with only one white board, it just wasn't working out for me to use up space on the board.

This helps you see how close the desks have to be in the front of the room.  We are VERY cozy.  That door opens out onto a deck, which leads back into the school.  Lovely in the fall and spring.  Not so nice in the freezing winter.  Or in the rain.  

It is a constant challenge to keep organized, and it is kind of lonely because you have to go outside to get to us and there are only 3 of us out here.  However, we rarely get interrupted by people going by, or someone just sticking their head in to say hey.  

This will be my 15th year that I have been out in the portables ("trailer trash" as one gym teacher called us!:), and while I miss hanging out with my colleagues, my little kingdom has been a fun place to practice the trade!

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