Sunday, February 23, 2014

State Test Questions That Make Me Angry

In my warm ups,  I am trying to incorporate some of the typical Data and Stats questions from the MCAS (state test) that my sophomores have to take in May.  Many of them haven't dealt with mean, median, mode, etc since middle school and some forget ever even SEEING some of the data displays.

While poking around the MCAS Test Questions site, I came across this one.  Honestly!

Such a MEANINGLESS question that leaves kids scratching their heads.  THIS is an example of what we hope our kids can do??? 

I am hoping that the kids who grow up and are in charge of taking care of me in my dotage can do a whole lot more than this!

And here is one more.  LOVE that the word "greatest" and "median" get used in the same sentence.  I sat and looked at this question for a while wondering what the heck they were trying to get at.


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