Saturday, April 5, 2014

Boston Strong

Last year on Patriots Day, my niece, at the last minute, agreed to run the Boston Marathon to help pace a friend of hers.  I had no idea she was even IN Boston that day. The month before she had run the LA Marathon and I thought she was still in CA working.

But, no, she had come home to Dorchester to watch the Marathon, and, in the end, to run it again as she had the year before.  She and her friend had just crossed the finish line and were only a block or so away when the bombs went off.  She and friend are fine physically, but no one who was there or who had loved ones there will ever be quite the same.

This is a tribute that my niece put together.  She is an amazing person and this is an amazing tribute.

Please take a moment to watch this and, if you feel moved to, share it with others.

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