Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Finding Space for Whiteboards

I work in a small portable classroom.  It is one room wide, so has windows on two parallel sides, and a door that goes into the next classroom in the back of the room.

I have 20 desks in this small space, and since there were no built in shelves or cabinets, have used wall space for storage units.

Therefore, here is my first attempt at creating vertical non-permanent space.  Most pieces are velcroed to the surface.

(my asst. principal, when he saw the velcro, suggested I cover one of the shelves of my bookshelf.)

(this is my laptop cart)

(this is btwn the outside door and one of the two windows on this wall. Peek out the windows and you can just see the railing of the deck that leads to my room.)

(I had 2 smallish extra pieces which I pieced together on the side of a metal cabinet.)

(my metal cabinet)

I do have 2 smallish bulletin boards which I plan to have pieces of white board that will hook over them.  This way I can have both bulletin boards and white boards in the same space.

9/10/15  A few more spaces for whiteboards!

Here is a before picture (note Velcro around edges)

 And here is what it looks like once the board is attached!

These two are attached over my only two bulletin boards:

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