Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Exponent Spoon Game

In the spirit of MTBoS, I wanted to share this game I made up a bunch of years back and forgot about because I stopped teaching the class I made it for.

We don't start classes til after Labor Day (I know, I know: we will be in school until June 30th if we have a winter like last year's!!).  I am in my room today and bumped into this game.  I think I will use it on Day 1 with my PreCal cherubs, just to make sure they are up to snuff on exponents of all kinds.

I made FOUR of these decks of cards (yep, 52 x 4) by hand because the printer I had available at the time could not print card stock.

I couldn't get all the cards in one shot, so I did 2 pix:

For those of you who may not have played Spoons recently:  You put one less spoon in the middle than you have players.  The point of the game is to collect 4 cards of the same value (four 2's or four 7's). The deck is shuffled and each player gets 4 cards (which they don't show to anyone).  The rest of the deck is placed face down.   

The dealer picks up the top card, decides to keep it or slide it to the right hand player.  If he decides to keep it, then he must discard something from his hand and slide it to right hand player.  A player can only ever have 4 cards in his hand.  Player to his right decides to take this card or pass it to HIS right hand neighbor. This whole process keeps going: dealer grabbing card, making decision, passing; next player looking at this card, deciding, passing on a card.  The last person in the group puts his discarded card into a pile. If no one has collected 4 of a kind before the last card is played, the discard pile is shuffled and play resumes.  

AS SOON as someone gets 4 of a kind they grab for a spoon.  At this point everyone else has to get one too.  The person who doesn't get a spoon is out of the game.  Players remove one spoon, shuffle all cards and get ready for round two.  Play continues until the last round of two players and one spoon which is the CHAMPIONSHIP round.

Feel free to make a print copy of these cards.  I am just too lazy since I already have these!  And you can double check my math....  :)

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