Monday, June 13, 2016

Looking for Feedback on PreCal Final "Exam"

This year I have an option of giving a paper and pencil final exam, or using 2 days plus the 90 minute exam window to have them do something else.  They are SUCH great kids and have worked SO hard this year, I am opting for the latter.

A few weeks ago, I tweeted out a call for what to do and got some fabulous suggestions:

The result is I am going to sort of do a combination of these.  They have seen several activity builders, they have done card sorts, but they have not yet seen WODB.  I will show them Mary's site on WODB and explain how it works.

Then I will give them this paper and let them go at it. 

The topics I am thinking of all have to do with skills that we had to spend more time on than I feel we should have, thus we didn't get as far as we should have in the curriculum:  
  • negative and rational exponents (switching between forms) 
  • logs and exponential functions (switching between forms) 
  • factoring quadratics and sums/diffs of cubes 
  • transformations of functions
  • radians to degrees (switching between forms)

For any of you who read this, I would love some feedback.  Can we get this done in 2 eighty minute classes and then play them AND reflect on them in a 90 minute block?  (I am expecting that they will assign themselves homework if necessary.)  Can you think of other areas that you find yourself having to review again and again (that they SHOULD have dealt with in Algebra 2?).

Thank you to all who take a moment to read and comment!

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