Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Read This Article

This article was tweeted out by @MrVaudrey.  Go read it before you do anything else.

There is nothing more I can add except that I second Jim Doherty's (@mrdardy) thought:

“I hope I never become the teacher who stops learning.”

Jim became involved in the Math Twitter Blogosphere a few years ago, midway in his teaching career.  I met Jim at Twitter Math Camp, where I believe we were both first timers, and coincidentally, had both been teaching for 27 years (I took an 8 year break to raise my tribe of boys, and tutored during those years, so I am not counting them!)

I have learned SO much from becoming part of this on line community.  It has changed the way I teach, changed the way I question students, and changed the way I think about learning.  I have always enjoyed trying something new, but it was exhausting trying to do this for the 5 DIFFERENT courses I was teaching for most of my career (I'm down to 4 different courses this year: Yippee!).

The MTBoS is the most wonderful group of professionals ever to grace the internet.  They share resources as well as ideas.  They toss out thought provoking tweets.  They write insightful blog posts.  They organize professional development (go look up Twitter Math Camp) and charge nothing for it. They hand out virtual hugs.  They find the best places for cupcakes!

I will retire in 6 years.  But I want to make the most of the time I have left in the classroom. And so, like Jim,

“I hope I never become the teacher who stops learning.” 


  1. Tina - Thanks SO much for the kind words. We were first timers together. Crazy to think of that, I have a hard time remembering my teaching before becoming immersed in this community.

  2. I second that! I have learned SO much in the last 3 years that I sometimes fear my head may explode! Truly, I love teaching more now than ever, and I have ALWAYS loved my job.