Saturday, May 31, 2014

Finishing Up

My Pre-Cal seniors had two days left after grades were due.  I decided it was time to get them ready for the "outside".  When they came in to class they found this on the board:

We spent the 80 minute class going through the Post Test from the Credit for Life Fair that all the seniors did (a role play financial literacy activity).  We just did NOT have time to debrief after the Fair in April, so I saved their post tests knowing that I would have these 2 days.  

When we finished with that, I dragged out a packet from the local bank.  We discussed checking accounts, practiced writing checks, filling out deposit slips, and balancing the check book from one month's statement.

My favorite line of the day: "How do people LEARN this stuff if the bank doesn't teach you??"  I told them the best way was to ask a parent (lots of snorts and grunts) or find a "Mama Palmah"!

In my next post, I will share how we spent the very last day together!