Sunday, September 23, 2018


At our first Faculty meeting on the day before school began, our Administration asked us (strongly suggested) that we have some sort of positive contact with each of our students' parents, some sort of personal contact.

This request was on the heels of the same Administration asking us (strongly suggesting) that we become as paperless as possible.

"How on earth can I write 97 personal notes or emails?  How long would that take me???"

So like the good little educator that I am, I put it out of my mind.  It seemed impossible, so if I ignored  it, maybe it would just go away?

It didn't.

At our monthly Faculty meeting, our Administration showed what one of our teachers did:  made a video introducing himself to his students' parents.

Hmmm.  That brought to mind one of the My Favorites from the first Twitter Math Camp I attended (Oklahoma 2014?).  John Mahlstedt ( @jdmahlstedt ) showed a slide show he made called "32 Things You May or May Not Know About Mr. Mahlstedt".   It was FANTASTIC.

John encouraged us to do the same in order to make us more human to our students.  I did this as soon as I got home (but only 15 things)!  I used it for several years until some of the slides became out dated and I just never got around to updating it.

Hmmm.  Perhaps this slide show would fit the bill.  I pulled it up, brushed it off, updated it with parents in mind, got  input and then the thumbs up from my Administration, and sent it off.

Wow.  I got so MANY responses from so MANY parents.  They had many positive comments, and in turn, they shared many bits of information about their children, and sometimes about themselves.

If you are interested, here is my slide show.  Make sure to hit Present and just keep on clicking!!