Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Getting Ready for Geometry

I am about to meet students from 8 sending towns in my freshman Geometry class.  One thing I really HATE spending time on is doing all the basic Geometry vocabulary review.  For some students it is nothing new, some others need a nudge or two, and then there are some who need a bit more.

Most of all, I am the one who gets bored.  It feels like we could be doing so much more.

To that end, I have developed this activity and tried it out on some fabulous volunteers at the #mathtweetup2016 that happened this past Monday in Boston.  They gave me some really helpful feedback.  Thanks so much you guys!!!

 It has taken me longer than I care to admit to tweak it and get this post written:  I can give excuses about son returning, hubby taking a vacation week, and lastly Dropbox going all weird on me.... But it is still August, so now I can say I have officially participated in the Blaugust challenge!

 These are the links to the vocabulary words, the images, and the teacher instructions.  Please feel free to add to the images page.  These are ones that I grabbed fairly quickly and one that Elissa Miller (@misscalul8) posted today! 

Norma Gordon (@normabgordon) also suggested  a sentence scramble:  it is a way to help groups work together (Each member of the group has some words in an envelope. Together the students have to show and share out their words until each student in the group has a complete sentence.)  The Sentence Scramble may be a way to BEGIN all this...Introduces working together, etc.  And then as a follow up, do it with the geometry vocabulary words the next day or the day after, just to be sure the vocabulary is sticking.