Thursday, March 26, 2015

State Testing and I am Ready to Leave

Three days of state testing (ELA) has resulted in only 25 minutes a day with my seniors per day, and 45 minutes a day with my sophomores.  I lost 4 days with my sophomores because of snow and 1 day because of a field trip.  A plague swept through our school with 150 students and 27 staff out in a single day.  Needless to say, I didn't get much accomplished with either group of students.

And yet, it is MY responsibility to make sure that my sophomores have made significant growth.  It is MY responsibility to take even more time away from teaching content to do District Determined Measures assessments as well as Term 2 Benchmark exam.  In spite of the fact that I still need to cover 5 units with sophomores before the state Math exam (and that doesn't include the last year's topics I would like to review). 

I love my job.  I love my school.  I love my students beyond words.

But I am getting ready to leave this profession I love and at which many people tell me I excel.  I cannot work like this. 

Is there any other profession so beat on as a teacher's?

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